June 16

Oh, child, you are in My embrace this morning.  Never doubt and never fear.  I am close beside you now and always. 

If you do not always feel My presence, it is because you have allowed the world to push Me away.  Television, the internet, loud music: these are just a few of the things that make deeper communion with Me challenging.  

Take time to put Me on in the morning.  Allow Me to don the full armor of righteousness, love and joy on you.  Wear it with pride.  Hold your head up like the child of the King that you are.  Together we can face whatever challenges are ahead.  

I hunger for these quiet moments between us where I can infuse you with My love.

Imagine you are hooked up to an IV with healthy blood filling every part of your body.  Come and connect with Me and let Me send through you the infusion of My love to every part of your being.

Imagine how you will feel when My love is coursing through your veins!!

Oh, dear one, so much is available to you if you will but allow it!

Come to Me now.  


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