June 19

How do you face the profound sadness of some days?  By keeping your mind focused on Me.  I am oh so aware of the pain and confusion you feel, the not understanding of why some things happen.

It is hard to make you understand while you are in this world.  Just know that someday you will know and see things the way I do.  Use this time to let Me fold you into My arms and hold you closely.  Close your eyes and put your head against My chest.  I long to hold you like this until your pain subsides.

When the pain comes back, return to My embrace, drawing strength from My nearness and absolute love for you.

I understand the suffering you are going through, more than you will ever know.  When I walked the earth, I loved those around Me, yet My love was rejected, My words and actions were criticized, and I was abandoned and horribly murdered.

Yet, when I rose again, I was able to show love in the face of it all.

The One that has been through it all is here with you now, wanting to love you with an everlasting love.  Let Me draw you into My arms so you may feel the strength of it and be able to face another day here.

Take heart.  I am here, and I will come again.  Just for now, rest in My embrace.


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