June 20

Child, I am here with you now.  Close your eyes and feel My presence.  Draw My closeness in with every breath.  During the day, find a quiet room and do this.  These moments with Me will give you the strength you need to carry through.


When you feel tempted to draw away from Me by the busyness of life, come back to your quiet place, and close your eyes and draw Me in with every breath.


Today will be a wonderful day for us.  Face it with courage and joy.  The little things in your life need to be done with as much fervor as the big things, as I have appointed them all to you.  Keep your eyes focused on the dream I have given you.  With Me beside you, we can accomplish it, even when others say we can’t.


There are no “no’s” in My world.  The vision I gave you is the vision I will give you the strength and knowledge to fulfill.  Seek only to do My will and we will accomplish it.


And when you feel like you’ve reached your limit and can’t go further?  Find that quiet place again, close your eyes, and breath Me in.  I will surround you with My love and strength.


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