June 22

Do you ever wonder why there is so much pain and suffering in the world?  Do you think about how a God who loves so much allows it?

Oh, child, the pain to Me is worse than the pain you see and feel.

Only through pain will people come to realize that this earth is not their home.  This earth and the life on it that they think they like so much, is but a drop in the hat of what I have in store for them if they would just look to Me.

In their pain, I long for them to reach out to Me, to see life as deeper than their day-to-day trials.  

One day it will be different.  The pain and suffering will be wiped away.  Pain and evil will be gone and we will live forever in peace and joy.

Choose righteousness, child.  Amid everything, choose righteousness and peace.  I am at the heart of it all.  “Joy cometh in the morning.”  You will see.  I will lead you through it.

No matter how much pain you are going through, don’t let go of My hand.  I will lead you like a shepherd through the dark valleys and high mountains.  Don’t look down or let go.  Joy is ahead.  

You see just a glimmer now, but soon it will surround you with bursts of light.  Oh, how I look forward to that moment!  

Don’t let go..


One thought on “June 22

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Insightful message on pain & suffering that touches each one. God is always there to see us through and draw us closer. I pray that He’ll open my eyes to know how to relieve the suffering. Outstanding photo as well!

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