June 23

Good morning, dear child.  Today is a day of new possibilities.  Close your eyes and be filled with My joy, for I am right here beside you.

Oh, the love I have for you, the joy I long to share with you!  Fill yourself up with My presence and we will face the world together.

This world is in such turmoil, but you needn’t be.  I have given you the promise of My abiding care and guidance.  This should allow you to face even the grimmest predictions and problems with peace.  The “peace that passes all understanding.”

Let others be amazed at the peacefulness of your countenance during such times.  You have the Holy One on your side.  What possibly can you fear?

So, gather yourself together this morning, wrapped up in the knowledge of My love, and face today with your head held high.  I will be beside you all the way!


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