June 25

You are here with Me now, dear one, and nothing is more precious to Me.  Reach out and touch My hand.  I am that close.

Today will be a day of victories for you.  Victories you may not see yet, but in your walk with Me, they happen.

Behind the scenes the real battles are going on as evil pulls and pushes at you. But if you put on My breastplate of righteousness in the morning, I arm you with the protection against it.

Someday you will know.  I will tell you of the fascinating things that you could not see through your earthly eyes. The battles are real, dear one, and I long to protect you with My armor.  The evil everywhere cannot touch you when you wear it.

When you first arise, come to Me and but ask for it.  I will surround you with the protection.

Let Me take care of you, for you are so precious to Me.


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