June 26

In the stillness of the morning, you sense My presence more.  Some people stay up very late and don’t take the time in the morning to commune with Me.  They are missing so much!

Starting the day with Me is allowing Me to protect you when I cover you with My armor of righteousness.  

Wear it proudly.  Feel it’s weight.  Know it is My love that has “cocooned” you.

I am smiling because there is joy in our communion.  Such joy when you come to Me fresh out of bed.  Fall on your knees and wait until My presence settles over you.  There you are at the threshold of the kingdom of God, kneeling at My throne.  I hear your prayers, dear one, for I am right beside you.  Such reverence is precious to Me.  Pour out your heart and your soul, for the King of the universe hears and will answer your prayers.

Then rise up, and get ready for the day.  Because you have given Me permission to cover you with the protection of My love, all things are possible.  

If you will but believe.


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