June 28

Good morning, child of Mine.  

How the earth sings My glory if you could but understand the language!  It involves trust on your part to acknowledge it.

The birds do it constantly.  They live such simple lives yet it is in simplicity that they learn to glorify Me.  I provide food and shelter for them, and they are grateful.  

Do you know I provide the food and shelter for you?  I have opened doors for jobs, for opportunities, for education.  I have guided your life much more than you could ever realize here on this earth.  Because of Me, I have allowed you to “own” the land your house is on, or the furniture in your apartment.  It is all Mine.  You are but a sojourner here.

“In My Father’s house are many mansions,” Jesus said.  Soon you will share in the riches of Heaven with Us.  But while you are here on earth, take time to be like a bird, trusting Me to take care of you and stopping to give Me praise often!


One thought on “June 28

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    Truth we often forget that God is owner of all things, and graciously allows us use of many things or experiences. Thank You for Your generosity, Lord!

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