June 30

When the turbulence is great, when your troubles seem so heavy, call out My Name.  A shaft of light will pierce your being and I will dwell in you.

Surround yourself with thoughts of Me, of peace and joy.

Where there is peace, I AM.  Where there is pain, I AM.  Through your darkest moments and through times of happy surprises, I AM there.

Dear one, My desire is to have you be conscious of Me wherever you are.  I am always conscious of you.  I will not let one moment of your life go by without My knowing.  I am truly the Good Shepherd in that I am always guiding you.  Only when you turn your back on Me do I allow you to walk alone.

When you do, I watch you with great sadness as you leave Me to go out and live a life of worldly pleasures.  How I long for you to return! 

When even the smallest thought of Me is expressed, I fold you into My loving arms again.  All of the mistakes you made on your own, I work with to help you, and to help others.

This is just a small sample of My love for you.  Do not turn away, dear one.  For we can accomplish so much more if you will let Me guide you always.

I have so many wonders in store for you!!


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