July 04

By faith your forefathers walked with Me.  By faith, you are walking with Me now.  

Enoch sought Me every morning when he woke up.  His hearing was so fine-tuned that he could listen to My urgings and I took him up to Heaven to be with Me.

I long for us to have that closeness, for you to desire to walk with Me as fervently as Enoch did. The joy you would experience is beyond that which you could ever envision. 

The world is not a real place.  It is a testing ground between evil and good.  The real life is the one we will share after you have left this place and I have come to take you to Me.  Only then will you experience My true love, joy, peace and praise, things which now you can only take by faith.

But it is real and it awaits you.  Come and sense a portion of it now.  Walk with Me like Enoch did.  Take My hand and but ask, for I am there.


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