July 10

Do not be afraid of the future.  Do not be afraid of today, or tomorrow.  For I am with you, waiting for you to take My hand, giving Me free rein to guide you through your problems.

Remember yesterday.  If you stayed close to Me, we had a victorious day.  If you chose to go through the day alone, you experienced loneliness and fear.

No matter what happened yesterday, if you choose to walk with Me today, I will turn disasters into benefits, mistakes into second chances.

You can’t lose, dear one, if you choose Me.  The world may live to it’s own dying heartbeat, but where you and I dwell is love and light and joy and hope, all made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

It’s not much of a choice, is it?  But I have to let you make it.  

I am here.


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