July 12

Where are your thoughts this morning?  Are they focused on Me?  You will draw so much strength from Me if they are.

I will take you to fly over the mountains and valley of life.  Your connection with Me allows that.  Like Peter, only when you fear and look down will you lose your way.

Keep focused on Me and trust Me.  I will never let you down.  

I know you are scared inside.  Please don’t be, My child.  I express over and over to you every moment of the day how I will always take care of you.

Can you think of something that happened yesterday that made you smile?  Something that you felt was a miracle, large or small?  It was Me.

As you grow deeper in our relationship, you will become more and more aware of how I bless and guide you constantly.

I look forward to your growth towards Me!  What joy you will experience!  

Hang on, dear one.

We’re going up!


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