July 13

In the darkest moments of your life, I am beside you.  When your soul cries out in pain, I am there, longing for you to call out to Me so I can come and fold you into My arms.

This connection we have is so precious to Me.  It is the reason I made you.  My joy is made complete when you reach out for Me. 

The world is teeming with evil, beloved, and I long to shield you from it.  But I have chosen not to take you out of it yet.  There is so much to learn.  You may think you cannot go even one step further.  It is too much.

It is not, dear one.  With Me you can face anything.  If you have total trust in Me for the abiding knowledge of My love, you will know, really know, that what ever happens will be okay if you stay close to Me.

Reach up now and take My hand.  Together we can scale this mountain, walk through this valley.  

You are with the God of the universe.

Look up, dear one.  Look up.


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