July 25

I am with you, dear child.  You don’t know or understand My purposes for you, but just wait upon Me. 

I am answering your prayers, beloved.  I know you are scared.  Just love and trust Me.  I am always with you. In time, you will know all the answers.  You see things very differently than I do. 

Just trust.

Put your hand in Mine.  Together we will walk this road.  You are always with Me and I am always with you.  


I have everything in My hands.

Dear child of Mine, I long to hold you.  When you get to heaven, you will sit at my feet and I will tell you stories of others before you.  Brave men and women who walked this earth, always by My side.  I’m calling you to do that, too, here on earth.

Some times it is good to just let go and see where I will take you.  A new adventure.  

Are you ready?  Let go and come along with Me!  Letting go totally is the first step.  Are you ready?  Here we go!

An adventure, beloved.  An adventure!  


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