August 12

I am here with you now, beloved, guiding and protecting you.  Never doubt My presence in your life.  Focus on it.  Dwell in it.  It will be a constant source of comfort and strength for you.

Every day you dwell in Me, I will guide your path even more.  Remember that.  I have brought you down to the bottom and now you are listening.  I am here with you now.  Listen and grow in Me.

Stay connected.  Focus on Me.  And we will live this life’s great adventure!

There are many sheep without a Shepherd in this world.  But you are a chosen sheep and I guide, direct and love you.  Do not be hurt if others don’t treat you like family.  You are My family and that’s all that matters.  Reach out in love to them for they are lost sheep.  You are My beloved.  Act accordingly.

Today, listen to My Holy Spirit and follow His urgings.  I am with you, too.  Rest in My love.  Have faith in Me.


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