August 15

How many times I long to comfort you.  You don’t understand why things are happening the way they are now, and you are scared.  Dear one, I am asking you to trust Me.  

What you are going through is a very important time in your life, one during which I am drawing closer to you.  Do you feel Me?  I am here with you right now.  I will take care of you.  I will ease your fears.

As much as it seems to the unbeliever’s eye that I have turned from you, I have never been closer.  I am here.   I will not let you go.  Use this time to reach out and touch Me.

Find your quiet place and kneel down and talk to Me.  I am with you and very aware of all that is going on.  We will walk through this together.  

When we get to the other side of this valley, you will be a stronger person.  You will not fail.  The King of all creation is at your side.  

Breathe deeply, and know I am beside you.  Rest in the peace of that assurance.  

It’s ok, dear one.  It’s okay.  I am with you.


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