August 17

You gave your life to Me once.

I am asking you to give it anew to Me every morning.

True salvation comes in the daily laying down of your life before Me.  Then I can bestow such joy on you, dear one!!  Joy that I long to share with you, intimate moments that should never be forgotten.  

Write our special moments down.  Times when I granted you a miracle, times you felt nearness to Me, or received an answer you had been seeking in our times of communion and prayer.

And come to me not only in your mind, but seek Me fervently on your knees, bending low in complete humility, waiting for Me to bestow blessings upon you.

I can never express to you how precious these moments are, and how I long to sweep you up to be with Me in Heaven.

But you are here as you must be now, and if you ask Me to, I will never be farther away than a thought.

You are so loved, dear one.  Some day you will know and understand.  Until then, just bask in the knowledge by your faith which I have bestowed on you through Jesus Christ.


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