August 22

I love you fully, dear child.  Fully and completely.  Learning to let go and let Me show you My love is one of the most wonderful gifts I can give you.

Practice it now.  Close your eyes and think of Me.  Consciously put all the activities of your day in My hands.  Release it entirely to Me.  Trust that I am with you and that I will guide you through everything.

The peace that you feel when you free yourself of your problems and allow Me to take them over is My gift to you.  We have grown one step closer on our journey together.  How precious that is to Me!  How precious you are to Me!

Hold My hand tightly, beloved, for I am at the helm of your life.  Don’t ever let go.  Smooth sailing?  No.  But come and experience the connection.  You will never go back.

I love you, dear one.


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