August 25

To see Me fully, you must give yourself fully.  Fully and completely.  I do not ask too much, dear one.  The rewards you will receive will be beyond your greatest imagination.

In this world, you have a conception of what and Who you think I am.  Your study of works by men and woman who have known and loved Me will not fully explain what I can be to you. 

The love I have for you is also not something that can be fully explained on paper, or something you think you understand because you have felt love for someone else.  My love for you alone is larger than life, more than you can conceive.

Receive it today, beloved.  Let Me enfold you into My arms to love you, hold you and take care of you fully.  Through this surrender on your part, you will begin to learn about Me personally.  Through time and constant surrender, you will see what I can do in your life.  Someday we might write a book about it, so others may be inspired, but words become weak in light of My love.

You will come to know Who I AM by your relationship with Me.  You and Me.  Me and you.

Accept it today, beloved.  The lover of your soul awaits.


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