September 03

Close your eyes and dream of Me.  Let Me take you to far away places where just you and I abide.

Imagine Jesus’ resurrection from the grave.  What inexpressible joy there was!  Like no other ever!  Those days without Him were the darkest days ever.

Yet, when He arose from the tomb, so full of triumph, how we all rejoiced!!

The greatest sacrifice ever to be made was over.  The separation from My Beloved Son was ended!  If only you could have seen Him kneeling at My feet when he returned!

What love was poured out by Him and I for you!  

Do not reject it, dear one.  He withstood all glory and comfort to die a horrible death, separated from Me, to atone for your sin.  And I endured the horrible pain of knowing I could prevent My Son from this pain and abandonment.  

Yet for you, I did nothing but watch.

 Talk to Him now, thanking Him for this ultimate gift.  Think of it often in prayer, remembering, and let it help you to understand even just a little of the love We have for you.


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