September 05

Each day you awake from sleep is a new start.  How creation sings My praise in the morning as the sun creeps up over the horizon!  Every living creature knows of Me and thanks Me for their very existence.

Do you?  Don’t be so busy that you fail to spend that precious morning time with Me.  It will determine the outcome of your day.  

Look forward to it.  I watch over you in the night and I watch over you when you are awake.  I would be so happy if your first thoughts were of Me, talking to Me, asking Me to continue keeping you and your family safe during the day, guiding you, helping you to make the right decisions, helping you to say the right words in moments of stress.

You can have this lifeline to Me if you just ask for it.  I want this type of relationship with you so much that I sent My Son to die alone on a cross.  Words can’t describe it, but don’t you see?

The Lover of your soul awaits, dear one.  Just ask.  I long to hear your words to Me in the morning, or any time.

Come home to My love.  Come home to peace.  Just spend time with Me.


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