September 09

How I long to gather My children unto Me, as a mother hen gathers her little chicks, to protect them from the evil one, and make their path happy and safe!

Come to Me in the freshness of the morning.  I await you, and look forward to this time together every day.  

Where is your mind now?  Is it struggling to concentrate on learning of Me?  As much as it hurts Me, I chose to give everyone free will, and the devil has made this morning connection with Me difficult because he knows it’s vital importance.  He does it through making your days packed with busyness, and when you do come to Me, he makes it seem boring compared to the enticements of the world.

But there is nothing more precious and nothing more important than connecting with Me at the beginning of your day.

When you do, I arm you with strength to face the day, and with power over the enemy who constantly tries to sever our connection.  He knows how strong it can be, and it threatens him.  He has absolutely no power where I am asked to be involved.

Come to Me, child.  Let Me gather you under My wings where you will find peace and strength.


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