September 17

Child of Mine, as the morning breaks over the mountains, I am thinking of you.  You are in My mind now and always.  Even when you were asleep, I was watching you.  Every moment that goes by I completely surround you with My love and care.

I want you to remember that today when your problems seem overwhelming, and it seems you can’t breathe.  Remember Me and My love for you, and how we can walk through, over, under and around anything that comes up.  I am your strength.

Did you know you have your own angel?  He is also with you.  You are well taken care of, beloved.  Never fear.  I will never let you down,

I am not just helping you through situations on earth, I am guiding you to bigger and better places.  The plans I have for you are greater than you can imagine.

I just need you to trust Me and to walk with Me.

Together we will reach the stars.



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