September 18

How precious you are to Me, dear one!  I look at you with such pride and love.

How with pride, you ask?  When you accepted Me and My love through Christ’s death on the cross, and asked forgiveness for your sins, I covered you with His blood.  And when I look at you now, I see a pure child, a child whose purity is as white as snow.

So when you come to Me, come with the security of knowing you are no longer covered in sin, even though you may have sinned terribly the day before.  When you ask forgiveness for that sin, I throw it away, down deep in the sea, and My lamb remains pure.

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, there are no barriers between us.  No past problems, no past sins.  I see your face and I long to cup it in My hands and tell you how much your Father loves you.

Believe that, dear one.  Know it from the bottom of your heart.  

You and Me.  Me and you.


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