September 30

Let Me fill your soul this morning with the good news of salvation!  Yes, you have heard it before, the day is drawing near when I will welcome you into Heaven with Me.  The whole earth was created to accomplish this purpose, to show how good triumphs over evil.  And soon Jesus will come again to draw you up to Me so we can rejoice together!

How I long for that day! For the pain and suffering in this world to stop!  For all My chosen ones to see Me face to face.

What joy there will be throughout the kingdom!  All the preparations here have been made and we are waiting until the chosen day when it will all be over.

Until that time, when Jesus returns, or until I call you home privately, draw near to Me.  Learn to listen to My urgings.  Let Me keep you close and guide you safely through your time here.

I can’t help but be heartened, beloved, for our time is near.  Be joyful today in the knowledge of your salvation through Jesus’ death on the cross!


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