October 01

I have blessed you with love, dear one.  You don’t have to look far to know that.  It is all around you in everything I made.  In the rocks, in the birds, in the mountains, in the trees.

I gave you love to share with others.  Not just family, but with those who are lonely, or are hurting.  Be My ambassador of love so that through you they may see Me.

Let love and light surround you today.  The knowledge of My nearness to you should put you in peace, if you accept it.  Share it with others.  Be a shining presence.  Imagine it.  Let My love so pervade your being that the joy of it shines through.  Let there be “something different” about you.

Go into this day bathed in knowledge of My love and care for you.  Reach out to others.  They need to know.


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