October 06

I am here with you, child. Even though you can’t see Me now, you must believe it by faith. I am more alive and real in your life than anything else.

You can access Me at any time. Yes, I could have you feel Me and see Me, but in this world you must have faith. I am asking you to live by that faith now.

Your desires of growing closer to Me will be fulfilled. I have anointed you with the Holy Spirit Who lives in you.

Please do not be sad, beloved, for you are My chosen one and what is in the dark will become clear very soon. It may be different than you thought, but it will be even better than you had imagined.

You have a hard time seeing that as you hang on to what you know, what is comfortable to you…what makes earthly sense to you, but I have so much more waiting for you. Just let go and trust Me.

One day you will understand. One day you will know.







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