October 18

Never feel that you are insignificant in this world.  You are a very important part of My plan.  Although you are unaware of it most of the time, everything you do is watched by others.  They pay attention and are blessed by your presence and by your actions.

When you stay close to Me and listen to My urgings, I can make you more sensitive to how others are feeling; of their needs, so you can reach out and help them.  This has happened often, and you were not aware that it was I who encouraged you.

I also use you to put your arms around people longing for human touch.  There are so many lonely people who don’t know Me.  And even if they do, they don’t know that if they take time to help others, their loneliness will disappear.

This life can be very rewarding, dear child, when you walk with Me.  I have just the right plan for you if you will let Me lead you to it.  

Just put your hand in Mine.  Now and always.

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