October 21

Come to Me with a pure love, beloved.

Empty your pockets of sin, envy, hatred and fear.  Know that I am the God of love and forgiveness.

Are you having a hard time learning to leave your feelings of pain and unforgiveness at My altar? Only when you do will you find true peace and contentment.  You only hurt yourself when you carry these unnecessary burdens.

“But I have been so unfairly treated!,” you say.  You WANT to be angry at that person.

Oh, My child, some day I will hold you in My arms and take away all your pain. But for now, release it to Me.  Lay it at My feet.

I know the sacrifice you are making.  Let Me carry it.  Let Me deal with the offender in My own time….in My own way.

Rise up with true joy and peace and love.

It is impossible  on your own,

But through Me all things are possible.







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