October 22

Shine with the light of My love today.  You are My chosen child to whom I have entrusted the glory of My love and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Today, reach towards the highest level of the vision I have given you.  Put your hand among the stars in My firmament.  With Me all things are possible.  Did Jesus not say you could even move a mountain if you had but faith as big as a tiny mustard seed?

No challenge is too big that together you and I can’t conquer it.  You have My power when you live in My will and if all is done to glorify My name.

So rise up in joy and strength this morning, for I have already conquered the world!  Now, go do the same for that which I have put in front of you.

Nothing is too big or overwhelming, dear one.  Not with Me at your side.  

Smile, for you are loved







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