October 24

Oh, My beloved child, arise with power and joy in your being!  The power and joy of My Son Jesus Christ, who died for you on Calvary!

Testify of His love and forgiveness to all around you today.  Receive the warmth of My good pleasure in your soul.

All is right and all is good when you stay close to Me.  Think about these things.  Dwell on them.

I am love.  I am the source of all power.  I am forgiveness.  Through Me only you will have peace.  

I give you My love.  I give you My power.  I give you My forgiveness.  I ask you to share it with others, with your family and with all those around you.

You are My shining light.  It is through the power I give you enabling you to love and forgive that others are brought to Me.  Never forget that.  In your daily treatment of others, always consider My will and pleasure.

And I have much pleasure, beloved!  You are My pleasure and My joy.  Come and walk with Me now.











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