October 25

Are you reticent to come before Me entirely?  Have you done something for which you feel you can’t be forgiven, or is the devil making you feel that the closeness we once had, the security and love that you once felt, can’t be attained again?

Oh, beloved, how sad that thought makes Me!  Christ and I gave up so much to make you realize Our love for you!  Nothing, absolutely nothing on this earth, or anything you ever do, will separate Me from you, unless it is your choice.

Start fresh with Me every morning.  Bow your head and ask forgiveness for time spent apart, or sins you have knowingly done.  Christ’s death on the cross will wipe away your sins over and over, each and every day.  When I see you, I see My pure child, a child whose purity is as white as snow.

Oh, how I rejoice at our renewed union over and over again!  Words will never be able to express My love for you, most precious child.  

Just hang on to My hand.  One day you will know.  One day you will understand.







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