October 27

Where are you, My child?  Where is your mind this morning?  Did I not wake you up to spend time with Me?  Has our precious time slipped away?

Do not be dismayed or feel that our connection is lost.  It is not, dear one.  I am here beside you, now and always.

Come to Me no matter what.  My love for you exceeds any problems you have.  Any feelings of space between us is created in your mind by the evil one.  My heart longs to have you close beside Me always, no matter what has happened.  

Remember that nothing but your choice can ever separate us.  

Come to Me now.  Let Me enfold you into My arms.  Feel the joy of My love infusing your very being.  Wear it like a shield all day long. 

You are Mine, beloved.  No matter what pain and trouble you think separate us, the separation is only in your mind.  I am here, now and forever.  






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