October 30

How strong is the pull of the enemy as He seeks to kill, steal and destroy!  His doings are especially aimed at those who have chosen to walk with Me.  He can’t stand it and he tries over and over again to capture My beloved ones.

And if he gets you to fall in any way,  he makes sure that you feel that you can never be as close to Me as before, that all is lost; that I cannot accept you back again after you commit the sin.

But I will, beloved.  I will.  Over and over again.  I am wracked with pain at your misstep and so anxious to have you back in the safety of My arms.

Not after a period of cleansing, or of trying to be good.  Right then!  No waiting!  Repent and I will restore you immediately  with such joy that the heavens thunder!  My child is safely back in My arms again!

Do not listen to the devil’s urgings of your inability to do good or to be good.  I know that.  I accept that.  I stand with open arms to receive you just as you are.

Jesus died for that reason, beloved one.  You are of inestimable worth to Me!








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