November 04

Practice trusting.  Remember the feeling of floating in water, arms and fingers spread wide, your body calmly bobbing on the surface?  Your body will float because in creation I put lungs filled with air in it.  I put oxygen in your cells.  I enabled you to float.

But if you don’t relax, and you thrash about, you will have trouble staying afloat, and eventually you will sink.

Asking you to trust Me completely is like asking you to float in calm, serene waters, knowing that the scariest things you are going through will be okay because you trust in Me;  knowing that the toughest situations will work out, that somehow through Me, you will find the strength to keep going.

The moment you take your thoughts off Me, you will start thrashing and sinking.

Turn to Me, beloved.  Trust in Me.  It’s that simple.









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