November 07

Child of Mine, do you sense My presence?  Do you know how real I am in your life?

I am beside you now, listening to the deepest yearnings of your soul.  Your soul is crying out to Me, and I long to cover you with My seal of protection.

Ask, dear one.  Ask for it, and believe.  My presence and power will surround you, filling you with peace and serenity.  The serenity of one who knows that they know that they REALLY know.

That assurance will shine out like beams of light from your countenance.  Others will be attracted to it, even if they don’t really know you.  In you they will sense something they want, and they cling to you as a life line.

Share the knowledge when the time is right.  Bring them into My fold and let Me encircle them with arms of love, as I have you.

Know that you know, dear one.  For you do.









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