November 10

Your heart and your soul belong to Me, beloved.  Put them in My loving care to always protect you, for you feel so alone sometimes.  Even if you are surrounded by many family members, or sincerely by yourself, your sense of loneliness can be profound.

What you are feeling is the separation between us.  Some days are more vivid than others.

Don’t give in to those feelings.  Go to a quiet place and open My love message to you.  Yes, the Bible is full of stories of My incredible love and activity in the lives of those I have chosen.

Reading the Psalms will be encouraging.  David felt much the same way you do. His heart longed to feel Me close to him.  You can read how I was with him through his entire life, guiding and protecting him.

I am with you just as I was with David.  Take comfort in reading the stories of how I walked closely with him, and know I will walk as closely with you, too, if not even more so.

Once you have shored your soul up with that knowledge, go see if you can reach out to someone else who is lonely.  Visit the sick, take food to the needy.

By reaching out to others, you have shored up your heart and soul with joy, the peaceful kind of joy that comes from knowing you have furthered My kingdom.  

We are a team, dear one.  You are never alone.












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