November 14

You have many issues on your mind this morning.  Don’t let your faith in Me or in My plan for your life falter.

I am with you now, and I will continue being with you.  I will always guide you and never let you down.

Take care of those things you need to today.  I will be helping you.  It will all turn out okay.  Let your soul be freed of this perceived burden, as it is Mine to bear, not yours.  

Total trust in Me will free you from the chains that you have put yourself in.  There is no sense in that, as I have promised over and over to carry them for you.

Come into the joyous light of communion with Me where you will learn the value of letting your earthly cares go.  These steps will form you into the dynamic person I have planned for you to be, covered in My love and armed with My strength.

You don’t have the ability on your own.  Reach out your hand.  Let Me lead you there.








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