November 15

Oh, how great the mighty have fallen!  Oh, how majestic My love for you!  Those who I deemed close to Me, those who have done great work for Me have turned their hearts away!

Do not be like them, My beloved child.  Every day enter into the stillness of My presence.  Every day fall on your knees and give your life anew.  Say, “I CHOOSE YOU!”

There is a power in those words beyond more than you can imagine.  Those three simple words cast the devil right out of your life.

Do not be like the fallen ones.  They wanted to belong to Me, but their daily steps led them farther and farther away until their final choice was made.

How Heaven sorrows over the daily choices that are made.  Everyone falls, every day, but the choice to serve Me encapsulates you.

Keep your eyes fixed on Me, for I CHOSE YOU.







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