November 26

Oh, the joy of My salvation!  How happy you will be in the place I have prepared for you.

Your imagination cannot fathom it.  It’s not just the sights you will see, but the intensity of the colors, the smells, the feelings of love, joy and completeness.

Yes, you will be complete.  One day it will be over and you will know that your life is not just a lucky “add-on”.  You were always a part of My plan.

The daily activities in Heaven will keep you busy, yet we will all be working towards the same goal, creating a perfect environment for all.

No anger, strife or jealousy.  Just complete joy, and surrounded with such beauty!!  The sunsets you love so much here do not compare to the panoply of colors in the sky I will put on for you.

No more crying.  No more pain.  Joy and fellowship with those you love most and those who walked the earth thousands of years before you.  They will be your friends and advisors.

And I, My child, will take you into My arms with such love and tenderness.  You will be complete.



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