November 27

Draw close to Me this day as I tell you about My love.  

Yes, you have heard it many times, but does that mean I no longer want to say it?

Every moment you take a breath I want to reaffirm My love for you.  You are My precious child.  I created you to look just the way you do.  I love every imperfection on your body without hesitation.  I formed you out of the dust of the earth.  I watched as you drew in your first breath of life-giving air.  How I smiled!

I have watched you through the years, beside you through things you don’t even want to remember, and beside you in times of great happiness.

My love for you is the soul of My being, dear one.  When you come to Me, the beautiful sunrise of your unfolding faith is My joy, getting brighter and brighter each moment you stay in communion with Me.

Oh, beloved one, never doubt My love!  It is fierce, it is powerful, and yet, it is oh, so tender.

Arise, and go through the day with Me at your side and when you pull your covers up around you at night, I will watch over you tenderly as you sleep.  

I will never leave you, My love, never.


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