November 30

How can I reach your soul, dear one?  I want to reach you in the very deepest part of your being.  It pains Me to see that you are resisting a total commitment to Me.

Yes, you enjoy the warm, fuzzy thoughts of My love, but have you totally accepted Me and the life I offer you?  Open the door, beloved, and let the light of My presence into your soul.  Let it shine on your face.  Stand and bask in the complete fulfillment of total surrender.  Let Me fill you with pure undulated joy and peace.

Catch it now, at this time. What you feel here for only a moment is but an essence of what you will feel forever in Heaven.  Then it will be complete.  Forever and always.

Catch a glimpse of it, beloved one.  Come to Me now, on bended knee, sitting, or standing tall.  Close your eyes and ask for My presence.  Give your life to Me, allow Me to forgive your sins by cleansing you in the blood of Jesus.  And breathe in My total, complete love.  Let the light bask over you for this moment.  This moment today.

Soon it will be forever, My love.  Oh, what complete joy!!











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