December 02

Everlasting love.  Something that you cannot experience between each other on earth because of sin.

Everlasting love.  A full circle like the rings you wear as a sign of marriage that can last as long as you abide here on earth.  The unbroken circle.

With My everlasting love, I have put a circle around your entire  being.  From the time I planned you from inside the womb in infancy, through your youth and all your life, I have encircled you with an everlasting band of love.  It will never die or even diminish when your days here on earth are over.  I will always hold you within that circle, My love.  Now and forever.

It is not just a circle of love for you, it is a visible circle to those of us in the other world.  A mark that you are Mine.

Now and forever.  Everlasting love.










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