December 04

I have My eyes on everything you are concerned about. I see you wherever you are, with whatever you are worried about. Your worries are My concerns. I just need you to gently relax into My loving care.

Learning to let go of how you think you are handling things and then giving it up to Me is the hardest thing for you to do.

I’m going to say this lovingly, but your attempts to handle things are minuscule compared to what I can do, and what I will do, if you let Me.

Does that mean I want you to sit and do nothing? No. Lay the situation at My feet, totally surrendering it. I will guide you from there. You may, in fact, have to work very hard or I might put the right people in front of you who will be able to help you.

Totally surrendering it to Me is your first step. We will work together on it. Not with just your problems but with your relationships, your eating and exercising habits, your jobs, your future. Everything.

You see, I surrendered Jesus for you. Our pain and sacrifice knew no bounds. I gave My love and commitment to you, forming an everlasting covenant between us.

So come to Me now, wrapped in the knowledge of the covenant of My love, and lay your burdens down at My feet. Oh, the joy you will feel as I flood your soul with peace!

I love you, My child. It’s all about trust.









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