December 05

My beloved child, wrap yourself in the warmth of My embrace.  Let Me fill you with the serene peace only I can give you.  You will not find it in the bustle of the world, or even in the embrace of your loved one.  It is a gift only I can give you.  Rest in it now.

In this day you will have trouble.  I will not take you out of the trouble but will be beside you, guiding and directing you, holding your hand, never leaving your side.

Together we can face anything.  Absolutely anything, and everything.

And I know, dear one.  I know.  Do not think I am up in some ivory tower unaware of your troubles and your pain.  I am beside you, longing to comfort you and take care of you.  

But if I am beside you, why are you experiencing the hardships you are?  Am I really a caring God who loves you?  Why don’t I stop the pain?

If only I could tell you.  But you must trust My love.  I see the whole plan.  I know what is best not only for this life, but for your eternal life.  I know the people around you who are touched by you.  By what you say, or what you do, or how, even though you are hurting, you reach out to help them.  And how they are helped when they reach out to you.

Trust My love, dear one.  There is joy in surrendering your pain at the cross.  Give it up to Me.  Do not doubt Me.

I suffer intense pain when you hurt and turn away from Me because of it.  Oh, how I long to hold and comfort you!

Lay your pain at the foot of the cross.  Come to Me now, and shine with the fullness of My presence in you.
















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