December 07

Even now in the reaches of your soul, I am stirring memories of Me…..of My love and care for you.  Do you remember how you were guided through that situation not long ago?  Somehow you knew where to go and what to do.  That was Me.

Were you feeling alone and hurt?  I put My arms around you.

Did you feel that there was no way you could continue on any longer, but then, somehow, you were able to gather the strength and get through it?  That was when I picked you up and carried you.

When I see you so concerned, I wish our time on earth was over and I could open your eyes and more clearly reveal My absolute presence and complete love in your life.  Then you would never feel alone or afraid.

Look for the signs of My gifts to you in the sky: in the glorious sunrise, the beautiful sunsets and the colorful lights playing through cloud formations.

Be reassured, My love, I am with you always.






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