December 09

Come to Me, My child, and learn of the great things I have done for My people in the past. Read the stories in the Bible over and over, knowing that one day your eyes will be opened to understand how I am working profoundly in the earth today. Because I don’t speak as directly now as I did then, My people often don’t know how active I am in world events.

Every thing is held in the palm of My hand. Nations, wars, rulers, all the way down to the precious, innocent, child. Literally everything.

So, every morning when you first stir, bring your thoughts up to Me. Say, “I choose You, Lord, no matter what happens.” If your world seems to fall apart, keep saying “I choose You!”. With Me you have love and security, no matter what.

Then arise and spend time letting Me talk to you through My written Word. Do the best you can with the abilities I have blessed you with to fulfill the mission I have given you, and to reach out and help others.

Then come home and rest in My arms again.

I have the whole world in My hands, dear one, but you are in My arms.










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