December 10

See the wind rustling through the trees as it gently blows.  I have sent My Holy Spirit to move through you that way with constant messages from Me.  If you stay receptive, you will sense My guidance as I watch over you and work through you in this way.

Stay aware by talking to Me constantly, in your thoughts, lest others think you odd!!

These gentle urgings in your soul are the way I will answer your life’s greatest questions.  Do I keep my job?  Do I go forward in this?  Is this the person I am supposed to meet?

I am by your side, communicating with you in a very real way.  When you dedicated your life to Me, I gave you the gift of the Holy Spirit to work in you, refining and guiding you.

You never need to fear, beloved one.  I will always be beside you, guiding you, directing you and loving you.  Now and forever more.








One thought on “December 10

  1. Brenda Wennerberg

    The greatest gift Jesus sent after His ascension! How vital the Holy Spirit is to change our hearts and guide us.

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