December 11

As the sun rises in the morning, so I reveal My love for you as the unveiling of My majesty.  Let it’s joy permeate your soul.

When Christ was crucified on the cross, I tore the veil of the temple in two, signifying the end of the old covenant.  

My new covenant started at the cross. It enables you to come to Me directly with the assurance of My love and care for you.

Think of that as you watch the slowly rising beauty of the daily new dawn.  Never failing, the sun rises, sets, and then rises again.

I will never fail you, never change and never give up on you.  Let the light of the new dawn flood your face as you give thanks for the joy of the new covenant I made with you on Calvary.

For you are Mine, beloved.  Bought with a price.  A very precious Price.  Let the morning’s light shine on your face as you praise My name.



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