December 15

Focus, My child, on what you know, on what I have revealed to you in the past. Focus on those memories these upcoming days. When you feel frightened or insecure in any way, remember the list of miracles and answered prayer I asked you to write down. Read them over and know I am with you still. Now and forever more.

Today will be a special day between us if you make it so. Come to Me in your quiet place so I can commune with you even deeper. Let Me infuse your soul with the knowledge of My love and pleasure in you, My beloved child.

In amidst all your troubles, today will be special, dear one, because you will have My joy dwelling within you… My total peace.

There is a bond between us that the evil one and all the problems he brings can never break. Hang on to it today, dear one.

You are in Me and I am in you.





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